Heating & Cooling in Kalispell and beyond!



Yes MT. Affordable Services repairs and services all makes and models at an affordable price.. some of them are easier to diagnose, "diagnostics fee applies".. Just call Joe @ (406) three 1 four.7 two 7 one.


Locally owned "NOT locally trained".

*Water heater doesn't work?

*AC doesn't work?

*Heater doesn't work?

*Refrigerant leaks?

*Sensor malfunctions?

*Thermostat issues?

*Steam coming from outdoor unit?


I would say.. call Joe at 406. three 1 four - 7 two seven 1..


Maybe it's an easy repair!!

Maybe it's just your thermostat that is causing the whole Hvac system  not working properly.. ask for the "Amigo" Thermostat diagnostics fee..